10 thoughts on “Wish I can sleep like that

    1. hrm don’t you have that at school?

      any microsoft office software will probably open that file. you can try word but it might not be in a slideshow format tho.

  1. Hi! Ohh! Thanks for that adorable ppt!
    And this is a comment for your last post: you have the cutest pomerianians ever!
    They have such sweet faces ^^ Too cute!

  2. Wow! So that is why you wanted the song Dodo! πŸ™‚ That presentation was JUST soooo CUTE! I loved all the Kitty ones! And your Sleepy Poms and Andy look so CUTE!! Next time get Andy to Cuddle them while he sleeps LOL

  3. Gah, I don’t have powerpoint. I ought to get it soon so that I can see those pics.

    The pomeranians look so adorable when asleep! And bubo’s fur seems to have grown darker. πŸ˜›

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