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arzel_xt2 theme

if you don’t see a big foody head on the top, you should click here

this my new validated xhtml strict theme. it’s originally created by as usual, i heavily modified it for this domain. i created a different header image and made it validate xhtml 1.0 strict instead of transitional. i really like its professional yet cute look.

in addition, dodo’s precious moments center is completely revamped with brand new and self written ecard script. i’m a bit proud about the live preview javascript. this is the most intensive javascript i’ve ever had to write. it’s a lot of fun and end result is also very rewarding. i enjoyed every second of it ^__^

18 thoughts on “arzel_xt2 theme

  1. Nice modifications. I like the top navigation mouse over effect and of course the XHTML strict, clean codes. 🙂 Any plan of releasing it in the future?

    1. hi thanks for the visit and comment. i’m honored. i do not really use it the way as wp theme. i write my own theme script. therefore i can not release it but you are free to grab any code you want from here. it wasn’t too much work to modify esp. if you want to make your theme validate strict 🙂

  2. ooh… new layout dodo… I just visited just now..and it;s super nice and cute as always… i also visited the precious Moments center, simply great… love those too!

  3. The new theme is beautiful! The colors flow together so well 😀

    I’m really sorry if I wasn’t supposed to blog about that -_-” However, I’m quite happy for you! I’m glad you enjoyed your card… I’m gonna scan yours when I get a break from school 🙂

  4. i love the new layout 🙂 hey. ever think of useing Gravatars on here? i think it would look cute! anyway… im adoring this layout. 🙂

  5. I love the new look, Dodo! It’s so simple, yet gorgeous and oh-so-clean! Professional, but it has a cutesy look to it too 😀 I’m loving the newly revamped E-cards also…the script is amazing! ^^ Okay, have a lovely day…

  6. very awesome layout dodo! And i can’t believe you got it to validate strict xD i always try, and fail horribly– so i just stick to traditional xD

    it’s a cute layout 🙂 makes me want to make a new layout, yet exams i have next week! NOOOOOOOOOOOO
    😦 hehe did you do most of this at work? 😉 heeh

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