OMG my mom again?

After all these years of physical and verbal fighting and now my parents are both getting close to 60 and this kind of thing still happens? it’s too complicated to explain their situation. to make long story short. after i moved out four years ago, my dad has been living in the guest house (a house connected to the main house but has its separate kitchen, bathroom and bedroom). my mom still lives in the main house. she rents about 3/4 the house to strangers for money. i just called my dad and apparently my mom broke his windows last night.

they were physically fighting about paying utilities bills and at one point my mom fell on her butt so my dad went back to his place and locked his door. my mom then followed him and broke the windows of his house. she subsequently called the police but wasn’t present when the police arrived. my dad also said she cut off the heat in his room. what a crazy woman. i can not describe to you how fortunate i feel to be out of her realm. read how she treated me back then.

the police will come again to see if they can catch my mom. i hope they sent her to mental hospital. i told my dad to come to our place if he needs to. you can not sleep without heat at 20 below.

is there ever going to be an end to this? for christ sake, they’ve been like this for almost 40 years! i still remember how they fought back when i was little kid. my mom’s tooth was broken and my dad poured urine from the chamber pot all over the bed. that was my childhood.

10 thoughts on “OMG my mom again?

  1. Omg, I’m sorry to hear this sis. Do your parents still live together? Or does she just drop by to drive him crazy? Can he have a restraining order on her? She sounds very dangerous… and needs help… sigh, you and your dad do not deserve to be treated like this..

    1. well yea kinda together. my mom lives in the main house (she also rents about 3/4 of the house to strangers) and my dad lives in the guest house as i mentioned

  2. My parents live together and they are always having problems, but they don’t touch each other. My father use to bit me up, really bad, and today, I barely talk to him.
    Hope things get better…they should really live apart of each other…
    Take Care

  3. Your poor father, it’s unhealthy for anyone to be sleeping with no heat at 20 below, but especially for someone who is almost 60, that is dangerous! I hope something is done about your mother soon… Take care, Dodo!!

  4. Jee… Dodo, I’m sorry to hear that. Why don’t people understand that money isn’t all that matters? I think your mum should get help, but I don’t think she will accept it. Maybe your father should just move far far away from her 😦 Take care girl!

    1. yes i believe they should separate a long time ago but i’ve earned my trouble when i try to urge. my mom chased me to school accusing me of breaking their marriage. imagine that. there is no reasoning left for my mom. you are right she will not accept help. she does not believe there is anything wrong with her. she once told me fighting like them for married couples are normal. she said i would fight too when i get married. well i’ve been living with andy for four years now. we never fought like that.

      1. I’m glad you found Andy and are in a healthy relationship ^_^. I don’t think fights like that are normal (O_o) Too bad that your mom won’t accept any help. It would not only make her life but also that of her family better.

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