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radio blog has been around for a while but i haven’t tried it until yesterday. i think it’s a great application. take a look at mine

if you want to install one of your own, simply go to and download the zip (you don’t even need to sign up) and follow the Instructions.txt. if you need further assistance with the instructions, this post provides lots of screenshots.

originally i thought you must have php on your server in order to host a radio blog. but i learned that you can even host your radio blog on free servers that does not support php. i’ve tried this trick, it really works. so i’m gonna summarize it for you.

how to make your radio blog without PHP
1. make sure you’ve downloaded and unzipped the files from
2. browse to the folder from your zip file with window explorer. now pick one mp3 file and paste it into your creat.sound directory. and double click on convert64.bat
3. after the file is created in your creat.sound/sounds folder, upload that file on a free server somewhere. now the file will end with “rbs” – if your server does not like that extension, take a look at this thread. i heard is a good place to upload your files but i have not tried myself.
4. after you are done uploading. browse to your radio blog folder and open folder. open the config.xml file in a text editor. change the following line:

<playlist path="sounds/playlist.php" />


<playlist path="playlist.xml" />

5. open a blank text file and paste the following:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> 
<track trackMod="1999216396" title="TITLE OF YOUR SONG" path="URL OF YOUR SONG"/> 

replace “TITLE OF YOUR SONG” and “URL OF YOUR SONG”. remember “URL OF YOUR SONG” should be the url of the song you just uploaded. i.e.
Now save this file as playlist.xml (make sure the extension is not txt)
6. now rename the index.php in your folder to index.html
7. load index.html, it should work! then just upload everything in your folder on the free server.

happy radio blogging πŸ™‚ check dmb star members’ radio blogs

6 thoughts on “your radio blog

  1. Thanks so much Dodo… I was having problems getting my radioblog to work last night, but I think I’ll try this when I get home. πŸ˜€

  2. im having trouble with my playlist.. i was able to make the first song appear but then i had trouble with the second one since the file was corrupt, ever since then i can only make one song play and the second is like a dud… and it wont go away 😦 i tried redoing the playlist.xml over n over just wont do it… ill keep on trying all night and for my last resort ill ask for your help here. thanks

  3. I’m brazilian and my english is not very good but I have to say that I’m very thankful, your “tutorial” helped me a lot! I’m building a j-music site and I wanted to have a radio with some musics, now, thanks to you, I can do it. It really works.
    Thank you again Dodo. ^__^

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