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my birthday

it’s my 23rd birthday today. aw getting old 🙂 at least i’m getting old with someone i love. andy’s birthday is next month.

i woke up with a card by my pillow (andy has to leave for work earlier than me). inside of the card is a poem:

23rd birthday card

Another year has gone by,
and so much has changed.
I’m your husband, you’re my wife.
I find it hard to explain.
We have two precious puppies
who both love you so much
It makes me smile to see misty jump
and bubo make his pig ears crunch
I remember on our first anniversary
I asked you to marry me
At that time I was young and eager
But there was something my heart could see
I knew from that point on
you are the one for me
And patience has finally paid me
so that we may be together
for eternity
I know you have to work today
but relax and take it easy
It’s hard to keep up with all
this stuff when life seems to busy
But I’m so much happier
now that I know
I don’t have to journey my
road alone
I love you, Andy

it made me cry ;_;

21 thoughts on “my birthday

  1. Happy Birthday Dodo! Wish you have a wonderful day. That is so sweet. Andy writes good poem. Really really nice. Wish there’s someone who would do the same to me 🙂 I wish I know how to say Happy Birthday in Mandarin, but I only know how to say it in Cantonese.

    -just a stranger

  2. Happy Birthday to you!
    Happy Birthday to you!
    You belong to the zoo
    With misty
    and with Bubo
    and with Adam too!!!

    err… that’s the best i could do, nevertheless, Happi Bday Hun!!! Adam is super sweet…and really loves you very much!

      1. It was supposed to be up 2 weeks ago, hehe.. but I got caught up with a few things, so I’m working on something else. It should be up by next week. ^^; Hope you had a good birthday!

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