stupid cop ruin my night

everything was going great today until this cop came out of nowhere and totally ruined everything for me.

andy and i were planning to have dinner at a chinese restaurant. i was to drive to his work place after i get home since i get off at 5 and he gets off at 6. when i was walking out of the house to meet him around 6, i saw a police car parked outside of our house. then the police started talking to me. here’s our conversation.

police: how did you get that dent on your car?
me: *looking at my car* what dent?
police: *proceeded to point at this half inch tiny dent/cut at my rear bumper.*
me: oh that was there when we bought the car
police: when did you buy the car?
me: september. what is this about?
police: there was a lady and her car got damaged. did you back into her car?
me: what? no! when did it happen?
police: sunday
me: *thinking* that’s not possible. i was home all day sunday watching football games.
police: well your dent looks about the same height as her car’s damage area.
me: well, it’s a coincident then. i didn’t do it. how bad is her damage?
police: very bad. i’m going to have take some pictures. can i see your driver license?
me: *hands over license*
police: well, my camera is out of battery. are you going to be back later tonight?
me: yes.
police: i will have to come back and take some pictures.

*jeez, thanks for ruining my good appetite*

obviously i had to explain to andy why i was late. he was more pissed than me. as soon as we got home, the same police come knocking on our door. i asked him how is it possible that the lady’s car is badly damanged and my car only got a small dent/cut and a few barely visible scratches? he was like: i don’t know. i’m just doing my job.

WTF? do you have a brain?

he then got our insurance info. i showed him my car title and he said he’s gonna call the person who sold us the car to confirm my story.

OMG stupid cop stupid cop stupid cop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok how funny. i just finished typing this. and the same cop knocked on our door and told us they confirmed that it was not our car. weird………………….

10 thoughts on “stupid cop ruin my night

  1. I have a lot of problems with cops. I know most times they are doing their jobs and i appreciate that, but i found my sisters stolen truck driving around my area before they did, they werent even looking

    How freakin annoying, I cant believe its legal for them to harass you like that. take a photo of your license, thats werid. Id begin to wonder if it was a fake cop or something, but then again you said he had a cop car though right? Lady probably crashed and fucked up her car and is trying to blame it on you. ERRRR things like that piss me off, im sorry it happened to you

  2. cops dont think straight ever. their brain is working off coffee and powdered sugar donuts. yea he was doin his job, but its unlikely that he remembers what his job is half the time.

  3. What a dumbarse! “Just doing my job.” As if that’s a good enough excuse. My goodness, the excuses some people make just to flex or not be held accountable for their actions. Idiots.

  4. Ok, I think that is a complete in\vasion of privacy. I mean, how many people have dents in their cars? HONESTLY? Could the reason the dent is the same height is because most cars are the same freaking size??? If I were you I’d file a complaint. That is the most stupid thing I’ve ever heard in my life.

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