Die spam bots!

it’s not funny.. the spam spots are horrendous. now after i finally found a good way preventing them from infesting my wp, i found there’s another war i need to fight. they are eating up my bandwidth like MAD! this domain is using more than 10gb a month. thank you so much shi for giving me some more b/w. shi added 5 more gb for me and i about screamed when today i got ANOTHER email telling me i’m over 80% of my b/w limit. OMG when is this gonna stop?

it’s not all about popularity. because regretless gets 20 times more hits compared to pure essence and it does not even use more than twice the bandwidth. how pathetic! i know there are probably other reasons but one of the biggest difference is that pure essence gets hit by bots horribly. take a look

stats for Jan 2005 for
stats for Jan 2005

stats for Jan 2005 for
stats for Jan 2005

notice the b/w used by * are “generated by robots, worms, or replies with special HTTP status codes.” gosh i’m so mad. fortunately i’m not alone. i’m researching for different ways to block them. i’m reading How to block spambots, ban spybots, and tell unwanted robots to go to hell – it’s very comprehensive.

5 thoughts on “Die spam bots!

  1. That’s sad! Those spambots can really get me frustrated, it takes up so much unnecessary time :-(. Besides that, who is interested in (reading) spam? Thank you for the link, I’m gonna read it. Good luck on defending those evil bots!

  2. Happens to me…I have a c panel, I enabled spam assassin, but I don’t understand that much of these things to make it work….
    Love your sites!

  3. hrmm, you might be pinging a website in your wp, have you turned that off? Thats 80% how the spam bots fround out your site. Also have you tried a bot or something no follow in your head html ???

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