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current white house hires homosexual?

not just that, he may be a gay prostitute MEEP o.O

forward from a friend:

To summarize: An ultra-conservative Republican political advisor was granted press credentials in the White House press corps, despite working for a “news organization” that existed for only four days before those credentials were granted, and having been “educated” in a three-day, $50 journalism “school”. He remained in the press corps for well over a year, and could constantly be counted on by White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan – as well as Dubya himself – to provide a safe haven during press conferences. His “questions” to White House personnel were often inflammatory and misleading, like (I’m making this one up), “Scott, Democrats are evil. Why do they hate America?” Also, since this whole thing was uncovered (by liberal bloggers, not the inept media) in the past few weeks, it has come out that Guckert/Gannon (also known as “JimJeff”), for some inexplicable reason, was granted access to a classified CIA document containing information about an undercover operative, which was later leaked and led to that officer being exposed.

And now, to top it all off, there is convincing evidence that Guckert/Gannon spent much of his recent “career” – at least before, if not during, his White House press corps stint – as a gay prostitute. See here

So in other words…the White House hired a gay hooker with no press credentials to join the most elite press corps in the country, let him stay there for over a year spreading lies and propaganda, and somehow allowed him access to classified documents that could’ve resulted in the death of a CIA agent.

Three rhetorical questions here:

1. Why hasn’t this been on every news broadcast in the country for the last week?
2. If the Bushies are so radically against homosexuals, why are they hiring them to work in the White House?
3. What do you think would’ve happened if this exact same scenario had played out while Clinton was in office? (hint – think how much we heard about the Lewinski incident)

For a nice summary of these questions/thoughts, see this link

This situation should prove once and for all who has better control of the American media, and what kind of “moral values” this White House really has. That is all.


4 thoughts on “current white house hires homosexual?

  1. My friends have been rabidly following this news story. I think it’s much more scandalous than the Lewinski scandal a few years back.

    The bloggers don’t even have any kind of journalistic experience. They just used the power of Google to unearth all of this 🙂

    1. i guess i don’t know your definition of “scandalous” – as i haven’t heard of it on TV news yet but again internet is the media for the new generation.

      1. The media has really changed since the Bush administration. Normally they would be all over this, but it shows how much influence the White House has in recent years. However, the Daily Show did do a segment about this, so hopefully more people would get wind of this and then we can have a media circus! LOL

  2. The media never covers stuff like this. When you trace it back, all the major news media is owned by about 12-13 various people. I’ll see if I can find that, it’s pretty interesting. If it is covered, they’ll do a short blurb on it, then jump to the Michael Jackson trial, Superbowl, American Idol or whatever else they can to grab anyone’s attention. That’s why I HATE watching the news. I like reading news stories online because I can get a variety of different views, not just one.

    This kind of stuff happens ALL the time. >_< It's really annoying.

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