beta testers needed for dodosmail 2.0

finally i got enough motivation to upgrade my mail script. i’ve always wanted to upgrade it since it’s quite behind in web tech.

right now i need some beta testers before I release the new version. your participation is appreciated.

what’s new in DodosMail 2.0?
DodosMail 2.0 is not compatible with the older versions of DodosMail, it’s meant for more advanced users. It requires basic understanding of PHP as you will be asked to include a header and a footer. If you are a PHP user, this script will become more useful and convenient for you. If you are not, please continue to use the earlier version because it’s more appropriate.

The new version is validated xhtml strict and css.

you may download the zip file here.

what should you test?
– try using different header and footer files
– try different email addresses
– try create multiple forms with the same script
– try use multiple copies of the script
– tell me if my readme file is clear with the instructions
– try see if the require fields are checked
– try if the email is checked if you set that option
– try editing the css file to make new definition for .DodosMailError and .DodosMailErrorHighLight
– check if the redirection works
– and anything else you can think of

Thank you! Please leave your feedback or suggestions as comments in this post.

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