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dodos threaded comments for wp 1.5

OMG what a pain! yes i’ve already upgraded my domain to wp 1.5 and i spent the past 5 hours writing how to add the threaded comments back for v1.5. it’s easy for myself to add it back; i just kept my old index.php and my old wp-comments.php. if you want to do that, DO IT. if you do that, you can just add the following two functions to your wp-includes/comment-functions.php

GRAB the old dodos_thread() function for your old wp-includes/functions.php and move it to the new wp-includes/functions.php
add dodo’s modified wp_notify_postauthor() to wp-includes/comment-functions.php

otherwise download my guide here – again it took me five hours to write and figure out coz they freaking changed A LOT of code @_@ arg i will never do it again next time they release a new version.

you can test my threaded comments feature on a refresh install of wp 1.5 here

13 thoughts on “dodos threaded comments for wp 1.5

  1. Hmm. Any idea what I could have possibly done wrong that I can’t post in Firefox, but I can post in IE? =n__n=;;

  2. I’m having so much trouble with this plugin in wp 1.5.1. If anyone else got it to work could you send me all the modified files please? My email is I can handle the theme part, but I just can’t get the other files working.

    Thankyou so much!

    1. I managed to get the threaded comments to work in wordpress 1.5.1 and also in However, I couldn’t get the comment notification to work.
      Where did you get stuck?

      1. Unfortunately, I have no clue. I did all the files then uploaded them, which was pretty stupid I guess. Some of the files in don’t have the same code, so I ahd to hunt around the whole thing. I guess I can just wait for someone to make a tut for


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