18 thoughts on “wordpress 1.5 released

  1. Ooh, great! I’ve been running the nigthly for a while, but there’s always some bugs here and there.

    The admin panel frontpage has a rss where you can check for updates on the devblog, or add your own friends blogs, and you can add pages!

  2. i tired to upgrade lastnight, and i ran into such a weird problem x___x;;
    my domain inxx.ca is directed to kyrie.ca where i’m hosted, and omg.. i don’t know if it’s cookies or what, but inxx.ca wouldn’t show any updated files, yet my url w/kyrie.ca/inxx/my did… and i tired to fix it by changing my site url…. but it kept redirecting when i tried to log in into inxx.ca which wasn’t updated, and argghh.. lots of problems.. made me very bitter for wordpress xD but i’m sure i’ll fix it eventually

    anyhow 😀 just sharing, lol

  3. Oh cool, WordPress 1.5! =D Aww does your threaded comments hack still work with the new version though? Does it need to be edited in any way? Because I don’t want to upgrade yet unless it’ll work >_<"

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