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puppies: the morning after

contrary to common belief, they actually cuddle up in one bed very often. not because they are cold tho coz they like to snuggle up together.

misty is ferocious
misty: mom! don’t take photos of us when we make out!!
see how bubo has his arm around her? ^_________^

don't look at us. we are hiding!
don’t look at us, we are hiding!

26 thoughts on “puppies: the morning after

  1. aww those dogs are so cute, a neighbour of mine has two of them. It’s amazing after that video clip of the ‘sneaky attack’ that they look the best of friends! :blush:

  2. Awww…puppies….I was feeling so down when I accidentally came across your site. The pups brought a smile to my face:) awww…I love doggies!

  3. Ahh, they’re looking cuter and cuter together! 😀 And yeah, the arm! Around her! *giggles*

    The second one is cute too, you can’t even see their faces 😛

    Fwuffy creatures.. *huggles*

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