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muddy puppies

sunday was such a beautiful day. if you live in iowa city, you jump at every nice weekend coz it doesn’t happen often. we took the dogs for a walk at a trail. much to my surprise, most of the trail is extremely muddy with the smelting snow. we turned out to be a muddy family when we returned. sunday was also misty’s FIRST day walking with a leash. she did really good although at first she refused to walk. (click on the thumbnails to view larger versions)
nope, i won't walk
misty refusing to walk. it’s just like you put a leash on a cat. you have to drag her.

brother is walking fine
brother is walking fine. see?

fine i will walk a little bit
misty: fine i will walk a little bit

aww i got so muddy!
i got so muddy

time to wipe it all on daddy
time to wipe muddy paws all over daddy

what a tiring day
bubo: what a tiring day (bubo in andy’s arms while he’s driving)

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