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dodoupload 1.3

worked most of today on releasing dodoupload version 1.3. if you never had problem with previous versions, you probably don’t need to upgrade. there is not much change from version 1.2. I rewrote the script mostly because some people have problems with http auth and i couldn’t figure out why. so now it’s cookie based login. i also got an email requesting to allow no login. so that’s an option now too.

amy from is now hosting i plan to reopen the registration for dodocounter 🙂 stay tune!

8 thoughts on “dodoupload 1.3

  1. I’m currently using the new version which I uploaded onto my site. It is possible you can enable to make the bytes bigger than 15000. I was thinking of storing my portfolio art works I have done like jpg file. I think this is for uploading gifs stuff only.

      1. sorry that I didn’t read the readme file about this. How can I set and change the bytes? I don’t see it in the readme file. Thanks for your help anyway!

        1. it’s not in the readme, it’s in the index.php. lots of options you can set as variables.. basic php knowledge is required and obviously assumed for people using this script.

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