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php alphabet output

aw thanks to miki for the tip. i was wondering if there was a smarter way to print out the alphabet in php than just typing them out LOL

Every letter of the English alphabet corresponds to an ASCII code, so rather than manually typing everything out, you can achieve the same result with a simple PHP loop.

The code below will output all uppercase letter from A to Z by running through ASCII codes 65-90 (the values for uppercase letters) and converting each code to its corresponding letter using the in-built PHP function chr().

for ($i=65; $i< =90; $i++) { 
$x = chr($i); print $x; 

For lowercase letters, use the numbers 97-122 instead.

9 thoughts on “php alphabet output

  1. $range = range(‘a’, ‘z’);
    foreach($range as $a){
    echo $a;

    Shouldn’t that work too? Haven’t tried it, though. 🙂

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