13 thoughts on “are there true free ring tones?

  1. hmm well even if its free, i think you get charged per kilobyte download. I have cingular too and its something like 3cents per 10kb.

  2. Most of the ringtone sites offer ringtones for free only if you punch them in yourself, like FreeRingtonesUk. I don’t know about Iowa, but in California, sometimes you can negotiate a package for ringtones with cingular support over the phone, though it doesn’t always work.

    I’ve heard of people transferring a ringtone from a friends phone onto theirs by sending a txt message, though I’ve never tried this myself.

  3. Yeah, I’ve shared ringtones with friends via text messages.. at least you can be sure there’s no catch with that! I don’t know how much you can rely on those sites and their “free” claims, I wouldn’t risk it! :secret: x

  4. I have Cingular! 😀 When I want a ringtone for my phone, I just find a good midi version that I like (my phone doesn’t support any other types), upload it to my website, visit my website in my phone’s browser, then the phone will automatically install the midi file as a ringtone. Always worked well for me, unless of course you want another type of ringtone. Like Jessica said, though, you pay per transfer, so they’re not technically free 😛

  5. jamster not free, they charge you a monthly fee, read the fine print. there are free ringtones, though its not the actual song, just the melody, its very rare if u actually find free good quality ringtones without a catch to it.

  6. there is a website free, but its mostly for sprint cusotmers. 3gforfree.com do it on your phone, and all you pay is the kilobytes. Sprint customers get the musictones. cingular, att and tmobile only get the melodies… free games and wallpapers. best done on your phone…

  7. DON’T DO JAMSTER! Whatever you do!! You will end up paying lots of $$$ if you do. Go to 3Gforfree.com *from your phone* and the ringtones are free. 🙂

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