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we’ve been taking reliv for a month now. i have to say it’s a very great product. the guy who sold us the product wants us to join the business too by selling our own. i don’t think it’s a bad idea. it’s a great product. for us the benefit is not as crystal clear as others since we never have serious health problems. but for those who have this and that pain, it seems great nurtrition helps a lot. the thing that sets it apart from regular vitamins is the absorption. regular vitamins get absorbed by your body 20-30% and this product is absorbed 80-90%. the forumla is not to guarantee the minimum, it’s made for optimal daily intake.

the product comes in powder form. you mix it with your favorite drink and takes it twice a day. i want to lose some weight before the wedding. so for the past month, i take “the shake” as we call it in the morning as breakfast. then eat some yogurt for lunch. i exercise for 30 minutes at night on an elliptical and bowflex. i have a vegetarian dinner mostly and then take the shake one more time before i go to sleep.

i didn’t really lose that much weight (2-3lb) but it makes me feel great. i haven’t had any sleeping problem lately. i’ve struggled with falling sleep for so long. i tried so many different herb, sleeping pills etc. it seems a well organized daily rountine and good nurtrition is all it takes.

so if you are interested in the product, drop me a note. i will get you more information 🙂 if you are interested in hearing some successful health stories with this product, call 913-385-6399. all products feature a money-back guarantee.

3 thoughts on “reliv

  1. wow, that sounds really great 🙂 almost too good to be true, lol
    but i’ve always felt like i’m so engery-deficient…. like i’m always suffering from fatigue. Of course i’ve never got myself actually called by a doctor as having fatigue… but i am always feeling like i don’t have a lot of energy, always wishing to sleep xD

    where can I find this? like is it available in stores? or only online? or should like stores that sell vitamins, and stuff have it?

    1. where i live, it’s not available in stores yet. i don’t know about you. but you should be able to buy it through me. if you are interested, we can work with the details.

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