toyota's christmas party

i went to andy’s company‘s christmas party last night. it was a blast. so much superior than the one they held at ACT (my company). they had an excellent magician from Las Vagas performing. he was hilarious. i laughed a lot during his show. they offered HUGE cocktail shrimp. i filled up my stomach as much as i could. it was my first time seeing a chocolate fountain. you dip fruits like stawberry and pineapple in it to make your own chocolate wrapped fruit. i’m not a chocolate fan but that was certainly fun. they’ve also been giving out prizes all night long. if you win, the minium you get is a $100 gift card/cash. there were a lot of plasma TV, dvd recorder, brand new computer & photo printer, digital recorder etc. jeez i wish i had won any. and the grand prize was a brand new toyota tundra. an old lady won that and she almost fainted. HA. either way i had a great time played in their casino with the fake cash haha. we left a bit early (the party goes to 1am) so we gave all of our raffle tickets to one of andy’s friend. i hope we do win something with our raffle tickets but we won’t find that out until monday. next year i’m definitely taking my camera with me 🙂

3 thoughts on “toyota's christmas party

  1. Hi there, it has been quite a long time since I have been here the last time. You have a new design [ again :upsidedown: ] and I like it very much. It will take me some time to read through the news in your life, but its always inspring. I have been at a christmas party too, it was not Toyota’s, it was Mercedes-Benz party. They have had a tombola too, and guess wjat I won: a soccer ball. You know we will have the soccer worldchampionship here in Germany next year, and I think about do a little training with my new ball. Maybe I will make it in the team :biggrin:

    Merry christmas!

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