court hearing…..

today i went to be a character witness for my mom vs. my dad court case. i’m sure that is not something everyone experiences in their lives.

two days ago i had a heart to heart talk with my dad. i made it clear that it’s simply too heart breaking for me to be continously involved in my mom and his conflict. i wish him not to ask for my for help any more as long as the matter concerns they relationship conflict. (23 years is MORE THAN ENOUGH) i was extremely happy to hear that he promised today’s hearing is the last thing he will ever need my help with for their conflict. we both agreed that outside of their conflict, we still have many happy things to talk about. we still wish to keep a healthy father daughter relationship even if he will get a divorce.

then today i went to the court.

i saw my mom again since 2-3 years ago? it was revolting to look at her face. i’m sure that’s not normal. but that was how i felt; i wanted to puke. thank god she did not have more than one question for me. since she was representing herself instead of hiring a lawyer, she got to ask witness questions.

i got there around 8:15 this morning. my dad’s boss was there to be a character witness, too. i briefly talked to him and his wife. the court started without us. my dad’s lawyer called me in after 30 minutes.

there were six people in the court besides the judge and the typist. my dad’s got one friend and his lawyer. and my mom was there with two of her friends. after sworn in, and answering some demographic questions, i was asked if i believe my dad had threatened my mom. i said from my experience my mom was always the aggressor and instigator; i do not believe my dad would threaten her. my mom then asked if i were there when it happened. i said no. then i was done. my dad’s boss was called to the stand after me. his was just as brief as mine. then we all left. staying there would be torture for me.

i just called my dad ten minutes ago to find out that he wasn’t charged with anything. the court said my mom didn’t have enough evidence and dropped the case.

my dad said he will move tonight. he’s got the keys to his new apartment. he will grab a bed from a friend’s and live in the apartment tonight. his lawyer advised him not to go near my mom unless he is accompanied by a police officer. they don’t want to risk my mom making up another conflict. so most likely they will arrange it so he will move his stuff out of my mom’s when a police officer is around in a few days.

i thought i was ok.. now after typing this out i’m really depresesed. so i’m going to leave work and go shopping to cheer myself up a little….. laterz

4 thoughts on “court hearing…..

  1. Hey Dodo, I hope you are feeling better now after doing a bit of shopping. Did you go to Target for me? 🙂 Well, I hope all is well and I hope this all moves forward smoothly and without any difficulties.

  2. Hey Dodo, hope you are feeling better now. I can’t even imagine how heartbreaking all that must be, but hopefully the worst is behind you and your father and you can have a healthy and happy relationship now. good luck!! 🙂

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