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moving pe is a big project. right now i’m only 30% of the way there. it was a pain moving all the database due to their sizes but i finally finished it.

i’m taking my time to check out all the wonderful new features & looks that comes with
wp 2.0. while browsing for potential plugins, i found these quite interesting:
fight comment spam plugin (wordpress hashcash)
– i probably will not install this right a way. the fact it uses ajax concerns me. nonetheless this is one of the best comment spamming projects i’ve seen out there. i will keep my eyes on it. during the move, when i was reviewing my comments data, i had to manually delete around 2mb of comments spam that somehow got logged into my table. most of them remind me a lot of
header injection. so i added a few lines of codes to my post file to hopefully help reduce spams.

// to prevent header injection 
if (eregi("\r",$_POST['email']) || eregi("\n",$_POST['email'])) { exit; } 
// names must be alpha only 
if(eregi("[^a-zA-Z]+", $_POST['author'])) die("Name must not contain characters other than a-z.");

the second part enforces user to enter only alphabetical inputs for the commenter name.

the awesome flickr & wordpress plugin
– now this looks extremely interesting. i will probably install it. i spent a lot of time writing a php gallery script but it might be hard integrating it with wordpress. i love the flexibility of flickr. i think it is a much better choice.

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