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in the new house

on april 22nd we started moving to our new two story + plus basement house. we finished moving everything on the 24th. it’s been over two weeks now since we’ve lived in the new house, i’m still not satisified with everything. i’ve been pushing andy everyday to do more work around the house. i think he’s tired of me. yesterday we start hanging stuff on the wall and got our new washer and dryer. unfortunately we couldn’t use the dryer because the person who ordered for us didn’t bother asking if our vent is at the back or side. we need to order extra hardware and have a technician over to make it work with our vent on the side.

i know i’m too impatient.. i want to invite some friends over to at least look at it. so i want to make it presentable.

things to do:
waiting for the dryer’s side vent kit
waiting for a new bed frame for andy’s futon
need to put up all the decorations
need to put up my new quilt cover, pillow set from IKEA
need to get a new night stand for the guest bedroom
need to arrange all the stuff in the basement
need a doggy door in the basement (or do we?)
our old entertainment center (now in my bedroom) is sagging in the middle. we need to find a piece of a wood to support it.

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