wrong number call at 3

this is the weirdest call i ever got.. i’ve been doing blogathon for who knows how long (i have been awake for 30 hours plus). i just headed for some sleep in less than two hours. i set an alarm for 5:30am on my cellphone so i don’t miss the finale.

a while ago, the phone rang. i was so asleep, i thought it was my alarm. even after i picked it up and the woman was going “hello hello hello”. i turned it off like hrm that wasn’t the right tone. finally i woke up and the woman called again. i picked up this time and went hello… she went
“i’m just calling to make sure brad was writing his paper” (there was more but i couldn’t remember all)
i was like: “hmmmmm, you have the wrong number”
“did i dial ###-####”
“no ###-##9#”
“oh sorry”
“yea bye”

@_@ wth. i’ve never gotten a wrong number call at 3:10am before.

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