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FF XII rants

i beat final fantasy XII a few days ago. overall i found the game rather disappointing. this is the first final fantasy series i didn’t like. the only thing i really like about it is the battle system. and that is pretty sad.

==do NOT continue if you don’t want spoilers==
the story IMO sucked. i never felt for any characters. the stories behind the characters all left much to be desired. maybe one of the reasons why the story sucked so much is that it draws much parallels to FFX storyline and it’s inferior in every aspect. so vaan’s brother died and he’s looking for the meaning of his life. did he find it compared to tidus from FFX, i don’t feel he has grown up at all. balthier’s dad is Cid – and balthier killed him. big deal.. i didn’t feel like i cared nor did it seem he did. basch is mindless knuckle head and all he knew was “oh my god, i had to protect my master.” – not even worth to wash auron’s feet. ashe.. stop the “uh”! jeez

i was also disappointed there wasn’t any love stories. the love story in FF9 clinched me so much i cry every time i watch the ending.

and the antagonists sucked, too. where are the traditional awfully annoying antagonists like Seifer and Seymour you feel satisfied to beat the heck out of them every time. altho my favorite antagonist is FF9’s kuja – coz he’s cute and you actually feel sorry for him at the end.

the most disappointing thing is the ending. like when did penelo became the ever important character to give the narratives it didn’t even show ashe’s ceremony becoming the queen i was hoping they showed something more after the long credits like they usually do but the only thing i found was “the end”.

other disappointing things about FFXII
– where is the addictive side game that started from FFVIII’s triple triaid the hunt was ok for a while but it’s not something you can always do and the rewards SUCKED.. what’s the point of doing them
– i can’t believe nothing gives you damage limit break in this game. i thought after FFX it’s pretty much a standard. the quickening takes forever – there is no guaranteed damage.. i personally just like to hack the enemies down arg.
– because the characters can be as generic as you want them in this game. there is no specialized ultimate weapon like in FFX.
– the world map is so one dimentional. you don’t get the airship until the very end of the game. oh well why you need the airship anyway. you can’t board it from anywhere. teleporting is an easier way to transport anyway. i’ve been waiting all game for the mysterious location of the map – an entire new atmosphere to explore.

2 thoughts on “FF XII rants

  1. Heh i personnally like ffxii just i sorta didnt like the story at parts. O just my opinion love storys sorta make me jsut wana look away and never look back. i rly dont like love storys… just posting my opinion

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