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excitement at xmas eve

i haven’t had a chance to blog this but we had to go to the emergency room on the morning of xmas eve.

we went to the mall on december 23rd and stopped by bath and body works. i was looking around and apparently andy applied some sample peppermint scented hand lotion on his face for his dry skin. we went home & played never winter nights. i felt asleep after 12am and andy stayed up playing baldur’s gate. at 5:13 the next morning, i heard andy talking loudly on the phone with someone. i was like wth but tried to fall back asleep until andy told me: “honey we need to go to the emergency room.”

“why” i asked. i thought he was talking to his mom or brother on the phone.
“i have weeping blisters on my face. i just got done talking a nurse on the phone and she said i should go to the emergency room and have them check it out.”
i became widely awake. i stood up and looked at his face. there were many blisters and mostly bursted all over his face.
“wow.” i was shocked. “what happened?”
“i don’t know. i think it was the peppermint scented lotion i used at bath and body works. that was only thing i could have think of that might have caused it.”

either way it looked pretty serious so we quickly got into the car and was ready to head out. he looked at the clock in the car that said 5:30. “that can’t be right.”
“yes that’s right. i looked at the clock when i woke up. you stayed up all night playing the game”
“i thought it was at most 1:30.”

the whole experience at the emergency room was not bad at all. we had great service and got out there within half an hour. the doctor prescribed him some steroids to reduce the inflammation which we picked up at a local walgreens. everything was covered by insurance. we only had to make a $5 copayment for the drug.

the steroids worked wonders and only after a day of application, his blisters were almost all gone. now you can’t tell if anything happened to his face at all.

that kind of excitement just makes the rest of the holiday rather dull 🙂

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