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finally got a Wii!

we finally got a Wii yesterday! andy got up at 4:30 to get in line in toys r us to get it for me. i was so touched. he never forgot that was the birthday gift i wanted and never gave up trying. it was a month late but nevertheless a huge surprise. he also got a second controller and two nunchuks. not knowing that the wii came with a nunchuk, we got an extra one. so i’m selling it on ebay 🙂

i thought i heard the garage door open early morning yesterday but was too tired/sick to get up & check. andy came in around 9:30 to bring me breakfast and a huge bag from toys r us. i couldn’t believe it. how sweet was that! i am still sick and was coughing really hard but i couldn’t resist trying out the wii. we love the boxing and tennis game. the boxing game really gets me going. i get sweaty only after 3 rounds. amazing! i must be playing it hard too coz i beat andy every time we tried LOL . he also bought the wii zelda game. i was so wore out afterwards and went to bed at 6pm.

now i’m awake and my arms are so sore and totally want to do boxing again LMAO

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