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change double click folders from open to explore

i just figured out something cool by playing around. when you double click on folders in windows xp, it opens the folder. personally i like it to open the folder with the explore view. apparently it’s quite easy to change that.

  • Select Folder Options from the Tools menu in My Computer or Explorer, and click the File Types tab.
  • Select Folder file type
  • Hit the Advanced button
  • In the new selection, you will see a list of actions associated with it. Select explore and the Set Default button
  • Save settings and exit out of all of the screens
  • double click on a folder and see šŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “change double click folders from open to explore

  1. I have tried to change those settings for at least a year now!
    this is the ONLY thing that worked! Thanks!!!!!

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