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shorten right click -> new list

i’ve heard about tweak UI – a free microsoft powertool for a while but never tried it out. i did today and there are two things i was able to customize that made my day. first i was able to choose which application it will use to view source in internet explorer. i was able to use my favorite text editor instead of the crappy notepad. another thing i didn’t know it could customize is the right click -> new -> list.

you may change this by unselecting the ones you don’t want in the templates section under tweak UI

i originally installed it to get rid of the windows log on screen. like in windows xp even if you don’t set a password, it will still either show you the welcome screen or prompt you to enter your password whenever you turn it on. it annoys me. there is an autologon setting you may change with tweak UI but it doesn’t work well. it seems to be reset as soon as you choose to logout or i’m missing something i think i will go with solution one suggested here.

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