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I noticed that has a Chinglish section now. For those who don’t know these are English translations in non-English speaking countries and Chinglish is specifically for the ones in China. I thought I’d share some with you. I will try my best to provide you with the correct translation for each.

For each plastic bag wasted, please pay two dollars.

Please ask for assistance.

To keep the restroom clean, please put trash in the trash can.

(This one is actually from Japan but it’s a classic.)

Temporary parking for unloading.


Main entrance. (No sure how that came about.)

(No idea about this one.)

No cycling or skating. No soccer.

Eight Treasures.

(I guess at least it’s short and to the point.)

Self serving terminal.

(Really “Thunder” will be a good enough translation for this firework.)

Warm milk. (In Chinese the word for “Milk” and “Breast” is the same.)

Automatic flush.

Do not feed the fish with your own food.

Chinglish explained and more Chinglish.

22 thoughts on “Chinglish

  1. That’s awesome. I especially like the first one and the warm milk one. The image of warmhearted breasts is pretty amusing. Abusing plastic bags and paying two dollars for doing it sounds ridiculous yet also hilarious.

  2. Hahaha~ those are hilarious! You’d think they would hire someone a little more literate in both English and Chinese for making permanent signs? Guess not 😉

  3. I just woukd like to see YOU english speaking people write some CHINEESE sentences.

    Never forget that most of you only speaks English – That’s so easy….

    Written by a person who speaks ans write French, Flemish, English, Spanish, Dutch, Italian and Geman.

    Bye bye poor chaps…

  4. Main entrance. (No sure how that came about.)

    I guess it comes from Head Office(the main office of a company), which corresponds to the meaning in Chinese. And the Chinese characters mean the entrance to the HO.

  5. Hahahahahhahaha! OMG, this made my stomach hurt!!! Oh, I LOOOLed so hard…keep it coming pleeeeeease! :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :cute:

  6. [Comment ID #146249 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I speak&write Indonesian, Malaysian and English fluently. I am sure a lot of us here are bilinguals even trilingual and so on but unlike you, we don’t brag about it 🙂
    It’s not like your English is perfect anyway.. there are many spelling&grammar mistakes in your writing lol!

    Also why do you have to take it seriously? This is just a joke.. just for fun! And those signs ARE hilarious! HAHA!!

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