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bubo and misty in the snow

We got our first snow of the year Wednesday. Yesterday we let the dogs out on our deck which had about 2-3 inches of snow. Misty was a bit shy at first but with our encouragement she finally stepped onto the deck. Bubo loved eating the snow. In one of the pictures you will see snow all over his face.

bubo in snow
Bubo in the snow

misty in snow
Misty in the snow

bubo misty in snow
Bubo & Misty in the snow (Misty goes: I march)

5 thoughts on “bubo and misty in the snow

  1. they both look so cute together!! they seemed to be having lots of fun!!! also, i didnt realised misty’s fur is so much lighter (colour) compare to bubo!!

  2. I was outside when it snowed here for the first time, and I was so happy 😀

    Your dogs are adorable by the way!

    We have the same flowers on our layouts. Ha.

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