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Pom Backpack

Thank you gimmekittens so much for bring this to my attention.

Awwww, isn’t that kee-yoot? That lady’s got one of those novelty backpacks …
Pom Backpack 1
… you know, the kind that look just like a … just like a …
Pom Backpack 2
a … a …
Pom Backpack 3
I’m speechless.

Although I’m afraid neither of my pom would like that. Maybe Bubo wouldn’t mind. I know Misty would hate it to death. Still so freaking adorable!

9 thoughts on “Pom Backpack

  1. The dog looks beyond cute.. but my hubby says what’s wrong with her owner, since the Pomeranian IS NOT wearing a helmet?! Safety at first!!

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