Eclipse run java code easily

Eclipse has a scrapbook function that allows you to run Java code on the fly. Sometimes you just want to test out a simple piece of code without having to create another Java class, execute it in the main method or create a junit to test it out.

For example, today I wanted to make sure I remember integer division in Java correctly. So I simply just want to execute the following piece of code.

int a = 10;
int b = 8;
int c = 17;
System.out.println(a / b);
System.out.println(c / b);

In order to do that, create a new Scrapbook page in your project.

  • Right click project -> New -> Other… (or CTRL+N)
  • Search “scrapbook”
  • Create a new scrapbook page. I just called mine blah.jpage.
  • Then paste the code in there. Highlight the code, right click and select execute or ctrl+U. The results of your execution will then show up in the console. That comes in pretty handy sometimes.

Eclipse Scrapbook

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