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FFIX – sharing my save

For the past a few weeks, I’ve been replaying final fantasy IX on the playstation emulator epsxe. I really love this game because it’s my very first final fantasy game. Sure you may argue it’s not the best final fantasy game but it definitely has a special place in my heart. While replaying the game, I did not want to start from scratch. I have played the game from scratch on the playstation console and have beat it quite completely before (except for the run for Exculibar II). So I started with an early save from that has 99 of all items from disc one. Now I have a save I would like to share that is on disc four.

This save is in mcr format and can be used on the epsxe emulator. You may also convert it using MemcardRex.exe. Although it’s on disc four, there is still quite a bit playing potential. I think I took care of most of the tedious work and you may use it to complete much of the side quests in the game.

Placement in the game
It is saved after getting the invincible on disc four prior to lifa tree. The save is outside of chocobo forest on the world map with your golden chocobo and the air ship next to you. Choco’s beak level is at 99. I have acquired all of the chocograph but didn’t finish all of them. I just hunted the ones that upgraded my chocobo. I have just visited the Mognet Central and Alexandria and is ready to deliver Kupo’s letter to Atla in order to start finishing the Mognet Central side quest. I have also finished feeding all of the friendly monsters while I was leveling up so it’s ready for you to fight Ozma – the toughest optional boss in the game.

This save contains almost 99 of all items. This includes all armors and weapons. Therefore all of the characters have their ultimate weapons. And yes Steiner has Exculibar II.

Lvl: 92
Abilities: All learned, all equipped except auto-potion
Skills: All learned
To do: His Thievery magic still only does around 1800 damage because I never used his steal ability much in the game given I’ve already had 99 of all items there wasn’t much incentive. If you wish to work on this, I recommend that you go you Ispen’s castle because you may get up to 6 successful steals against the enemy Gargoyle.

Lvl: 86
Abilities: All learned, all equipped except boost, healer, auto-potion (feel free to equip if you wish)
White magic: All learned
Summons: All learned
Note: Summoning Atomos does 9999 damage to all Yans

Lvl: 85
Abilities: All learned, all equipped except auto-potion
Sword art: All learned
Note: Climhazzard does 9999 damage to all Yans

Lvl: 94
Abilities: All learned exception millionaire and healer (does not seem like they are needed), all equipped
Blue magic: Goblin Punch, LV5 Death, LV3 Def-less, Doom, Roulette, Aqua Breath, Mighty Guard, Matra Magic, Bad Breath, Limit Glove, 1,000 Needles, Night, Angel’s Snack, Frog Drop, White Wind, Auto-Life
Note: Frog Drop does around 9200 damage
To do: Continue to raise his level to try to max out his Frog Drop ability. He’s also missing a few blue magic.

Lvl: 82
Abilities: All learned, all equipped
Black magic: All learned

Lvl: 81
Abilities: All learned, all equipped
Dragon abilities: All learned
Note: Dragon’s Crest does a guaranteed 9999 damage.

Lvl: 79
Abilities: All learned except healer, all equipped
White magic: All learned
Summons: All learned

Lvl: 81
Abilities: All learned, all equipped except healer and auto-potion
Flair Abilities: All learned
Note: Throw great weapons to do 9999 damage.

To Dos
Please check game faq side quest FAQs to see how they can be accomplished.
Finish all chocograph
Revive the Mognet Central
Fight Ozma
Stellazzio: Zodiac Coins
Many more side quests
Obviously finish the game and watch the awesome ending

=== Download the save ====
Added two more saves on the memory card 7/21/2010
1) Right before you may fight Ozma on Alexandria Plateau. Check the map to see where Chocobo Air Garden is. I guarantee you may beat Ozma in less than 2 rounds. Just do Zidane Thievery, Freya Dragon Crest, Amarant Throw Ultimate Weapon, Quina Frog Drop. Enjoy 🙂
2) Right before the last boss fight. Beat the game and watch the ending.

As a bonus, I’ve been looking around for a screenshot of all of Stellazzio coins labeled in Queen Stella’s house. Since I did not find one, I created my own. Feel free to use it to figure out which coin(s) you are missing.
Stellazzio Coins on Queen Stella's house Final Fantasy IX

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