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m2eclipse plugin jdk warning

More info – old issue but I ran into it on every freaking machine at home. After I installed the m2eclipse plugin on Eclipse 3.6, I keep getting the following warning on the console: The solution that worked for me is changing the shortcut properties for eclipse e.g. I couldn’t get the eclipse.ini updates to… Continue reading m2eclipse plugin jdk warning

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Eclipse 3.6 Auto Static Import

After I started using JUnit 4, I really want Eclipse to automatically import org.junit.Assert.* statically for me. So when I do ctrl+space on methods like assertTrue, it will do: for me. I’ve figured it out for a while but I’ve been noticing it conflicting with my save action -> organize imports setting. I finally got… Continue reading Eclipse 3.6 Auto Static Import

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Eclipse: stop it from searching certain directories

It’s always annoying when you do a search (ctrl+h) in Eclipse and it produces results from directories you do not care about. In my particular case, the project’s ant build expands the built war files into a directory named target. Since this directory duplicates the files in the regular WebContent directory, often times I end… Continue reading Eclipse: stop it from searching certain directories

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Eclipse 3.6 toggle comment findings

Despite of the usual convention of using ctrl+/, I found ctrl+shift+c is actually the way to go if you want it to work on everything. I care mostly about being able to toggle comment in the following file types: source code – comment with // or /* and */ block markup e.g. xml/html – comment… Continue reading Eclipse 3.6 toggle comment findings

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Eclipse CVS show history tags column stretched out

Gosh, I managed to double click on the show history tags column one time viewing a file that has gazillion tags. That stretched the tags column out of its capacity. There seems to be no way at least in UI to get that back to normal size so I can see the columns to the… Continue reading Eclipse CVS show history tags column stretched out