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Interesting recruiter email

look the subject
look the subject

I’m trying to figure this out. Was the subject for this email intentional?

I hope he’s talking about pucca
– you know the character I use for my twitter account.
There is a remote chance he has seen my twitter account and is referring to that. But it’s not an avi. So what does he mean? I’m trying to think if I’ve shared any pucca avi lately or anywhere? I cannot think of anything.

– Is it possible it’s a mix up? He pasted some text he meant for another email as the subject?

– Or is it an extremely creative way to catch my attention?

Either way I’m replying. Whether I’m interested in the job is almost secondary. I just want to find out what the subject means.

Update, reply from Justin:

I found you using a service from that aggregates people’s
various social networking profiles (LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, etc)
and your profile was sporting the aforementioned avatar. I am a fan of
the show and thought that was cool.

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