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Guest Post: Breaking The Low Mood Cycle

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Hello friends! It’s Elodie Under Glass here with a guest post on Low Moods. I particularly want to thank Quisty, Kellis Amberlee and TheOtherAlice  for their kindly help in reading and editing this piece. It would not have existed without their care, support, compassion, and wonderful editorial abilities. They are…

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Responsive Selection/dropdown idea

Placeholder text in selection/dropdown cannot be manipulated by CSS right now. Sometimes we’d like the placeholder text to change based on how wide the container is. Goal To allow the same HTML look differently based on the width of its container. So here’s an idea to generate a selection/dropdown via a list and allow the… Continue reading Responsive Selection/dropdown idea

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Chrome Mobile Emulation in Action

Get latest updates on chrome emulation Step 1 Open a regular website in Chrome. Step 2 Right click -> Inspect Element to bring up the develop tools. Step 3 Click on the settings Icon Verify the mobile emulation is turned on under Appearances Step 4 Either hit the ESC button or this little icon to… Continue reading Chrome Mobile Emulation in Action

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Screen scraping census baby name data with nodeJs, cheerio(jQuery) and promises

—->My Soure Code<—- Goal Screen scrape census baby names data for the 51 states and produce a single CSV file. These data are in html table via sites such as post {state: ‘AL’, year: 2012} post {state: ‘AK’, year: 2012} post {state: ‘CA’, year: 2012} …. Script must translate all of the… Continue reading Screen scraping census baby name data with nodeJs, cheerio(jQuery) and promises


HttpFox helps filter http requests

Was looking for something for work that filters all of the requests on a page. Finally spotted the HttpFox plugin that pretty closely achieves what I need. Install the plugin and click on the tiny icon at the lower right of the browser. Once open, click on the start (to record requests) Load a page… Continue reading HttpFox helps filter http requests

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How to Help Others Without Compromising Yourself

1. You can’t help someone who is not taking responsibility for helping themselves. Sometimes, no matter how much you give, the other person doesn’t seem to meet you halfway. It seems like the more you try to help them, the more they stay the same, or worse, regress. Maybe they have become so used to… Continue reading How to Help Others Without Compromising Yourself

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How I made tiny carousel swipeable

On, we previously used the jquery plugin tiny carousel to display various lists of links mostly used to track pregnancy month/week: For example: The concept is easy. You have a list of items that you want to scroll horizontally by using nav buttons. In our case, all of the content are lists of links.… Continue reading How I made tiny carousel swipeable