another no life person

here’s what i’m gonna do from now on when someone flames my guestbook

#313 was “I think this site is rubbish”

#313 now “I have a ugly face. I always go around and trash other people to make myself feel better. And here’s my ip in case you guys wonder”

13 thoughts on “another no life person

  1. you go girl! now that is definitly teaching her a lesson! that is so cool that you can get her IP # and everything! how the heck do you do that? well good job, now i think poeple will know not to mess with you! those poeple who write mean things in your guestbook are so jealouse of you! your guestbook looks to nice to have language that dirty!

  2. Oh gosh I hate flamers. All to recently, my host almost threw a fit b/c some dude who went by the name of “Mr. Bobo” trashed his tagbook. It can get extremely frustrating at times… Dana is right. They are just jealous! Sad enough as it is, the only reason they do it is to boost their own morale. How people can boost morale from posting immature comments will always remain a mystery to me… Don’t worry about it though. I think you handled it better than most!

  3. Haha, that’s kinda funny. ^^;; My friend did something like that when someone flamed them, it was so funny! That’s a great idea dodo~! ^.^/! I hate flames too! I’ve gotten some before. The basicially said my site and I sucked and that anyone could make a cr*p site like mine. I don’t get their problem. But I just feel sorry for them though. They’re such cowards too!

  4. Hey, this is that girl who flamed you older sister, Heidi.

    I was on the internet and I was on your site, because I check out all the time, it’s so beautiful. Anyways, I was going to sign the guestbook when my mum called me and then my younger sister Katie, who is 12, decided she would type in some stuff and send it – because she’s at that annoying immature age. *Major apologies Dodo*

    But please can you not show my ip and everything because I don’t appreciate it being up here, nor will my father.

    We have had a hacker once before that completley trashed the computer up =(.

    Heidi xox.

  5. sis? heh no. i’m not Daynah, i’m Dana! 🙂 I’m from long island, new york. i’m just a big fan of your work, you are awesome!

  6. Ahh, I guess I’m late on this entry! lol… I’m usually the first one to comment haha..

    But yea, I was looking at your gbook and saw that..argh.. some other sites have been hit too, with the same ‘rubbish’ lol

  7. Pfft … don’t belive me. I don’t know how I can prove myself. I love my sister to bits but I hate to see her do stuff like this and then people just not belive me and think I lie – which is one thing I am not – a liar. Oh well, think what you want.

  8. maybe i will believe you if you didn’t get in this period while lauryn’s got a similar incident just a day ago, and same thing, blaming on a friend hacking.. what’s up? is this a trend, how am i gonna ever distinguish from lies and nonlies? huh? put yourself in my shoe, how many times can you believe?

  9. i already posted this at your boards dodo!

    i don’t buy that excuse. so even if you have a little brother or sister, guard your computer, password protect it…that’s so lame. never use that excuse. if your computer got stolen, report it to the police …if you got hacked, report to your ISP…people need to be responsible!

    if you believe their excuse, flamers, copiers, pranksters will never stop…that’s why a lot are still around.

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