back from christmas

i know i haven’t been online. i’ve been carried away by holiday spirit maybe. we’ve been going to different places. andy’s got so many relatives. we needed to go to his aunts, dad’s, step grand parents, mom’s, bro’s. i’ve got some really neat presents. everyone knows i like hello kitty. i need to show you those hello kitty toys i’ve got. i’m finally back to work today. it’s so quiet here. unbelieve! i will be stuck here for next five hours, probably no one would ever show up. i will just be here all by myself. wow, how exciting. i will try to catch up some of the online business.
i figured out why i’m bombarded with junk mails now. for some reason, ever since i logged in last time, i’ve been getting every single email sent to every to my mail box. i tried to contact but it seems like they no longer answer questions for unpaid members. =( i had to change my forwards there so they have no way to know my real address. so will no longer work. grr.. i hope i will stop getting those annoying emails!
i’ve had over 200 emails in my mail box. jenn sent me a gift
i love it!! thank you!!!
here’s one from daynah!
and from michelle

moving to the new server, mysql seems to be more stable. but they start to ignore my requests in the cp. i only asked to change the time out time for my ftp and fix the corrupted tables for my chatroom. neither of them have been done. those are not even hard. i guess i will let them go for couple more days since it’s holidays.
thanks for all the holiday wishes!!! i’m sorry i didn’t get time to wish everyone. i will just thank you all very dearly!!

5 thoughts on “back from christmas

  1. those are nice pics. i want to join your oekaki and i sent an email, but i never got a response :(. i have enough posts on your board. i’m username is “dana” (obviously). glad you had a nice xmas! me too, i got a tablet too! 😀

  2. Hope you had a merry xmas sis! I’m heading up north tomorrow morning… just got back from the mountains! oh boy.. it was fun.. i ACTUALLY skied!!! ohmygosh hahaha… didn’t fall either! Well.. i’ll write about it tonite… we’ll see if i have internet connection or not.. lol

  3. Welcome back dodo! WE MISS YOU! Oo wow, hello kitty gifts! We don’t have any hello kitty where I live! How could we not have hello kitty?! lol. ^^; Your holiday sounded great~! I wish mine was! Oh well, it wasn’t the worst ever. ^^;; Not like that one time where I was all sick in bed. Xp

    Whoa, 200 emails? @_@ I hate junkmail too! >=0 Lately, I’ve been getting all this junkmail. I have no idea where they came from! It’s not like I sign up at alot of places. @_@ I think people are using my email and signing me up for crap. =( That’s a bad thing about leaving your email out like that. @_@ I’m really glad you liked my gift btw~! ^.^/! I love how I did the skin… ^^;

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