this is one of the nicest sundays i’ve had for a long time. we had andy’s mom over for lunch today. i had fun cooking fried shirmp to go with white rice. his mom brought toy story I and II for us to watch. unfortunately andy didn’t show much interest in it. he’s much too involved with his new role playing game. it’s called “fall out”. he got that game for $9 at cub foods. it’s originally $15 but he picked out one with a broken case and got himself an unbelievable discount. smartie =P
eclia sent in a new theme for my board. it’s been a while to see a quality new theme sent in. it’s called simplicity. try it out. oh yeah, i had so much fun checking out Windows Really Good Edition. I also sent it around to all my friends. they enjoyed it too. why don’t you take a look as well?
i got some new pictures up in our digital cam place.. take a look =)
about the new layout.. it’s a surprise to me as well as to you coz i had no idea i was gonna put up a new layout but i did.. coz i was a bit addicted to the design.. it’s 1:25am now.. i’d better go to sleep =P

7 thoughts on “sunday

  1. WoW! the layout is absolutely amazing! i love the colors and how you made the graphic effect on the top. and i like how you fit the little web cam thing in the graphics as well. very awesome! and i like how the graphic cuts into the table at the top. very cool!

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