daynah, you are gonna make me excited all nite. you are gonna make me stay up on my birthday. i had just started my beautiful birthday page, i’m already about to cry. i can’t believe so many people come to congratulate me. i’m such an ordinary and insignificant figure in the world. awww….. cries.. and reads more… thank you everyone and esp. thank you daynah. i really didn’t expect something THIS BIG. i’m speechless.

23 thoughts on “OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Oh wow!! I didn’t know you had a new layout up! hehehe.. it’s cute sis! I must have been busy all day… lol Well, enjoy your bday sis!! You deserve it.. it’s only the beginning haha

  2. Oo you totally deserved it dodo~! You’re such a sweet person, we had to do something like that for you! ^.^/!!! And anna is right, WE LOVE YOU ALOT! lol

  3. You are NOT ordinary and insignificant, you are exotic, intelligent, and you’re the first person besides Ate Grace who made me wake up and realize what you can really do with HTML. 🙂

  4. Happy Birthday. You are not ordinary, average or insignifigant. You are special, kind, interesting, funny and helpful. Your present is

  5. it’s nice to be loved because you are such a great person. heck, you put up with me bugging you about the image php program thingy. that shows a lot because some people don’t really care to assist people when they put a program out. seldom do they help. (eep!)

    anyways, you deserved it ^_^; have a great one!

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