how can i stop thanking?

dear friends: i had the best birthday ever. i want to take time and thank everyone of you. but my time is so limited this year. andy gave me a surprise party yesterday and i got many cute gifts. i will have to take pictures of them. many of you touched me thru gifts, words, poetry and sincerity. i really don’t know how to repay you. i really didn’t think i’m as great as anyone says. i still consider myself pretty ordinary. for most of the time, i still struggle with life. i just finished reading a book for my lit. class and i only have half hour left before my next class. i’d love to reply all the cards and gifts i got. but please give me time. i’ve gotten so many of them and i need to take time reply to everyone. thank you again for all the most wonderful gifts and giving me such a unforgettable birthday!


3 thoughts on “how can i stop thanking?

  1. lol dodo, oh no need to thank, you’ve done a lot for us, it was very little for us to come out of our own time, and make, write, say a little thing for you =) hehe, and happy about the surprise party, hehe isn’t andy and daynah great? ^____^

    take care dodo!

  2. You are great 😉
    Thanks for the guestbook message but really take your time. I’m glad you had a great birthday, we accomplished our goals by making you happy on your day. xoxo, -Athena

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