my birthday

a little over 0:00 on January 27, 2002, I already started to unwrapping my birthday gifts. it’s from my friends all over the world. they are so many, i can not believe my eyes. only messages alone there are already over 130. in addition there are gifts, blinkies, wallpapers, cards, avatars, voice messages, fan signs, pages… i expected nothin close to this extend. at first i had my mouth wide open as i read more and more, i felt like crying. i don’t really know what i did to deserve so much love. yes i feel loved, by thousands thousands of hearts. awww… gosh, that feeling is hard to put into words. i spent two hours unwrapping, until my eyes were so sour that i could look no longer. i didn’t finish everything. so in the morning i downloaded all the voices and finished up looking thru cards. when i woke up on my morning around 10am, andy was gone. i knew he must be doing something relating to my birthday. i had a feeling someone’s gonna come to see me. i ran to the shower and cleaned myself to get ready. by the time i finished brushing my hair, putting on my contacts, the door opened. andy brought matthias, elizbeth, his mom and altogther they were there to wish happy birthday.
unwrapping presents at the surprise party was a lot of fun. everyone’s telling me andy wrapped all my gifts by himself. i was like “really, without even my help?”
andy’s got me a purple leather jacket, a pci USB card, a pez dispenser (panda head), a pair of hellokitty ear muffs (pink) and andy’s mom got me a music box doll (my first ever music box!!), ear muffs. i’ve got hellokitty plates and napkins for my delicious cake and ice cream from matthias and elizbeth. i didn’t take a picture of the cake. it’s all gone now =P

of course there’s the poem for my birthday by andy:
Twenty years to this day,
you’ve touched so many
people in a special way.
But most of all your
gift of love makes you
eternal in my heart.

So many years a head
so many things to see,
I promise I shall always
be with thee.

For my heart beats day
and night with your name
Reminding me how you’re
feeling the same.

That when the next
decade comes and it’s
your birthday again
I will be there with
you happily then…

I love you,

later we watched the game between the eagles and the rams. of course we are fans of rams and since they won, andy believe my birthday brought good luck too. we went to a local mexican restaurant for dinner. unfortunately i didn’t really like the food or the waitress there. i wanted to get out of there bad. and when we got home, we watched Toy Story II which was so good. andy didn’t want to watch it but after he did, he liked it a lot. it was really funny!

so that was my day. it was the best birthday i can remember. i used to have party with friends too but this time it seemed so many more people are involved. it’s the world who’s celebrating my birthday for me. andy esp. tried hard to make me happy. he got up early to prepare my gifts so he can surprise me. everything’s so sweet. i was so happy!!! hmmm….

btw, i just took some webcam pictures of my gifts =)

5 thoughts on “my birthday

  1. heheh oh dodo, happy you had such a great birthday!! =)

    and isn’t that andy sweet?
    such a nice poem!! *sniff*

    heheh, hope your NEXT birthday will be just as great!

    and aww cute ear muffs, and the doll looks pritty! hehehe

    so, seems like you had quite a birthday… hehe not just andy, buu both of you guys should be tired.. haha

  2. Dodo, I’m so sorry I’m late! Happy birthday! (I hope yo saw my icon somewhere in the mounds of presents!) I just wanted to check up on things. It seems like you have been having tons of fun! I read the last few posts, and it just goes to show how many people care about you! You are really important to a lot of people, don’t forget that! The pictures are adorable 😉 Have a great day ok? And keep on smiling!!!

  3. Aw, congratulations Dodo! Andy is so sweet.. 🙂 Again, I wish you a happy birthday! — uh.. wait.. I ‘wished’ you a happy birthday? ! ? Now I’m confused.. ^^”

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