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sometimes worest can happen to good people :(

poor andy, he’s finally soundly asleep now.

yesterday when andy told me he felt stomach pain, it was only 6:30pm. he frequently gets stomach aches. at first neither of us thought it was a big deal. i thought he’d be fine in couple hours. he started having diarrhea around 7pm. i was in the room playing a game until i started realizing he started puking all the sudden. i was very surprised; immediately i thought his situation was much serious than we expected. after he’s done puking the first time, he felt extremely cold. he was shrivering bad. i made him take a hot bath. he did and went to the bed cold. i turned up the heater and hoped he’d feel better. 20 minutes later he started to taking off all his clothes and asked me to turn down the heater. he said he was extremely hot. by then he was back on the toliet. he then went back and forth for the next two hours. until 10:30pm he asked me to take him to the emergency room. since we just started getting the worest snow storm, i was very afraid of driving. i have very little experience driving in the snow. i didn’t want to get us into more trouble, so i called up andy’s dad and asked him to take us to the mercy hospital emergency room at downtown.

the doctor didn’t do too much. they gave him two IV and some injection which helped him with his dehydration and headache. it wasn’t until 2am andy was pushed out from the emergency room on a wheel chair. the doctor said he could only drink water and eat grain diet for the next 12 – 24 hours. he was extremely thristy that time. we gave him his first bottle of Gatorate.

when we got home, i believed he should be much better. but 20 minutes after we hit the bed, he again puked out all the Gatorate he had earlier. i was really afraid that he would need to go to hospital again. he continued to have diarrhea and puke. he couldn’t have a single thing in his stomach even if it’s just water and he was constantly thristy. i was up most of the nite.

i needed to go to class and an interview this morning. so i called his brother over to look after him. after the interview, i came home. it was 1pm. that was when i heard he had some apple sauce and hadn’t puked it out yet. good news!

i got rid of my work hours tonite to stay home with him. we had a good nap. he’s still asleep. i’m glad. he looks a lot better and peaceful now. i really hope he will be fine by tomorrow nite. the doctors didn’t say if he had flu or food poisoning since he had symptons of both. i’m praying it’s food poisoning coz i certainly don’t want to have the flu. so far i am fine. let’s hope things get better!!

7 thoughts on “sometimes worest can happen to good people :(

  1. ai! oh geeez! I hope that andy get’s better soon! He should really stay indoors for the next cuple of days, even after he get’s well, he should spend some time inside… and hopfully it isn’t the flu, OR a stomach flu x_x
    but the thing with stomach flues is that they go away in a matter of days, but if it isn’t, whatever it is, hopfully he’ll get better =)

  2. wow, that’s exactly what happened to me on the plane back from my trip. i couldn’t keep anything down at all, it would come out from either ends. i ended up just sleeping a lot and then when i started eating again i ate congee (rice with water) which i did hold down. so maybe you should have him try that. hopefully he feels better!

  3. what a scare…yeah good thing he went to the hospital to get back lost body fluids. once that happened to me, i had to take liquids little by little cos the tummy is still having spasms. maybe that’s why he vomited after getting home. hope he gets well soon.

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