new year’s call

woohoo, i called my grandma and my best friend in china this morning to greet them happy new year. my grandma is so happy today. much happier than the last time i called. she’s also very understanding. i told her i moved out. at first she was sad but i told her that moving out means i’m doing better in life and she’s then happy for me. she wants me to go back this summer. i probably will. see if andy will have the money to come with me =) i’m still planning on working this summer tho so i will probably go for two weeks. it’s really hot that time in Shanghai anyway.
i’m so excited that my best friend told me this place where i can find lots of my old classmates. i registered and posted. i hope they still remember me =P
it’s been a nice day so far except the stupid printers are messed up in the lab right now and i couldn’t get my work out to study for my exam on thursday =P waiting waiting… don’t you hate networks sometimes?

2 thoughts on “new year’s call

  1. aww that’s good keeping in touch with your grandma =) hehe good that she’s understanding… hehe… and hope you do get to visit her this summer… =)

    hehe happy chinese new years dodo!!

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