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i’m happy. i just went to writing center in the history department. the teacher there read my draft and praised my book report. she gave me some very helpful suggestions in how to improve my paper which i adopted in my last revision. now i posted it online as one of my school writings. it’s a little long and could be a bit boring if you are not interested in Chinese women history.

then i went to register office to get myself listed double majored in math. i went to the math department later and met my discrete structure teacher on the way, he volunteered to be my advisor. i was like YESSSSSSSSSS!!! he’s such a great teacher and person. he showed me a lot more than my other stupid advisor. i love how it turned out.

to get a BS degree in math in UI is actually quite easy if you are already planning getting a BS in computer science. Essentially there will only be THREE extra required courses you will need to take according to the program C. These are Calculus III, Introduction to Abstract Algebra I, Statistics. I can fill the rest with my electives in CS!

Another thing that makes me happy is that the interpretation of literature midterm paper doesn’t sound as bad as i think. the teacher passed out the instructions for the paper in class today. there are couple choices for topics. one of them is about the story we discussed today in class. and that’s the one i’m gonna write about. i already have a brief outline in my head. I will probably get a head start this weekend and get some help from the teacher next week and hope to do a good job on it. it looks pretty straight forward =)

i also found my classmates in my elementary school (in china) online!! WOO HOO. their class message board has even more participants. now i’m so happy. i just left them a message, will try to call some of my old friends later *hehe*

2 thoughts on “happy!

  1. aww! hehe it’s good to know you had a good day! hehe and that things are going well =) hehe not as bad as you thought eh for this semester? hehe =)

    and wow… finding old friends from china… hehe i’m such a potato… i’ve been in… canada… for all my life.. *sigh* i need to see the world… haha

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