elementary school

OH MY GOD, my element school message board is so hot. everyone’s there leaving messages. now i don’t know how many of them are actually no longer in china. it sounds like many. i’m thoroughly confused. but it’s so fun esp. they said they will get together with me once i go back. WOOHOO!! i can’t wait.

my little god brother in US told me many of chinese friends here are going back this summer. that means he will visit me in shanghai as well. i not only gonna see friends in china also friends here. i’m so happy!!!

One thought on “elementary school

  1. that’s great dodo! i hate when i don’t see certain friends for a while, but i love meeting up with them again! it’s so exciting! one of my friends moved a few months ago and i will be seeing her next week. i talked ot her on the phone and she sounds so different! lol. btw, i luv ur layout!

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