i was a little pissed earlier. i called andy at kfc to check on him. first the ring ran about five minutes before anyone answered. i let it ring coz i knew there has to be someone there since they just closed. a guy picked up the phone and put me on hold. i don’t think he even bothered telling andy that i was waiting. i heard andy voice from afar so i knew he was there handling some customers. i waited on the phone listening to the noises for five minutes and no one came and i hang up. 😡 won’t bother to call again since i knew andy was there. i just don’t want the basketball incident to happen again.

daynah’s writing php lessons for her new domain i want to write some TOO! man but tomorrow i will be locked to write my essay for my int lit. we will have lunch out for andy’s upcoming birthday tho =)

3 thoughts on “arrg

  1. awww… there there dodo… *hugs*…. queer people out there… but oh well… at least you knew andy was there… =) which is a good thing right? hehe
    no worries

    oh! happy early birthday to andy then =)

  2. Eugh, I hate it when that happens! You wait on the phone, but no one comes… worst is when they hang up on you! @_@! I absolutely hate that. @_@!

    Php lessons!!! I’m gonna try to learn too! =D I’ll probably never get it though. X_x

  3. As long as Andy’s alright, it’s all good. But find out who picked up the phone hehe

    Ecila, did you try out those lessons in my journal? hehe.. the last time, u told me u were too lazy to try it =P heheh

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