recommend movies!

people recommend some good movies for me to watch. i’m so out of touch with the theatre, it’s pathetic. what’s “the time machine” about? reminds me of “terminator”.. that movie is freaky! the last movie i saw was harry potter i think. i need to part from my computer sometimes before i waste all the time and then needs tons of glasses grrr..

15 thoughts on “recommend movies!

  1. I reccommend Ice Age =)
    I loved that movie~~

    It’s one of those family movies, so you’ll find lots of little kids in the theatre with you.

    But if you really want a good laugh, Ie Age is a must-see ^^ It’s one of the better movies in a loooong while =) daynah saw it too, so you can ask her. hehe

  2. hehe i have lots of movie reviews on my site. Ice Age is a must-see, just like kozzi said! If you want to laugh throughout the movie…. u gotta see that! Time Machine is another good one.. makes you wonder about life and such. Count of Monte Cristo is very good… it has it’s funny parts… and the movie gives you a taste of sweet revenge. Those are the ones I recommend.. I can’t wait til star wars comes out. 😉 May is not too far away! hehehe

  3. I want to see Ice Age lol 🙂 I heard Time Machine is mediocre. I haven’t been to the movies in the longest time…the last movie I saw there was Harry Potter lol.

  4. The time machine is really good! Kind of old already, but still kinda freaky to watch. I love comedys, like father of the bride, or the Sherlock Holmes Movie with Michael Cane and the guy from Gandhi. Hillarious. The funniest movie ever. Laughing is never bad. 😉

  5. The last movie I’ve saw was A Beautiful Mind. It was good. The other movie I want to see is 40 Days and 40 Nights, yet I am too young to see it. Only in 35 days I can see it hehe

  6. Lol, Anna has it right! Ghostbusters rock. “When there’s something strange.. in your neighborhood… who you gonna call? Ghostbusters!!!”

    That movie, and Caddyshack. That is so funny. Bill Murray is in both 😀

  7. I love bone collector!!! It’s like the coolest movie ever!!! Gack.. I dunno, I just love that movie! I’m reading the book right now too! It’s totally different though. Hollywood really changed it!

    I wanna watch the Panic room! It’s not out yet, but from what I saw, it looks like such a cool movie… wow… *–*

    Count of Monte Crito!! That movie is cool!!! A MUST SEE! =D

  8. I saw Asterix mission Cleopatra a few weeks ago… It was funny ! The 1st Asterix was soso… but the new Asterix is good and crazy 🙂 I hope you can see it in USA !

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