guess what’s here?! the dmb shirt from cafepress!! isn’t it cute?! hehe.. i’m so excited right now.

i am slowly changing this site to be xml compliant. it’s much easier if you just start from scratch. b2 is xml compliant so you don’t have to worry about what will happen if you blog. i got this version started. i haven’t made the entire site compliant yet, i will work on it.

i also plan to have different themes. so users can choose how they want this site to look like. instead of changing versions, i will just add more themes.. like for my board. so how you like it? i didn’t spend too much time on it since i don’t really have much time.

my first day back to school is boring. i had to do chemistry homework before i could touch this layout. i forced myself to not touch it until i finished the homework or i probably wouldn’t get it finished.

oh yeah, if you are wondering where the tagboard went, i hadn’t had time to put in back yet. i might not be able to, oh well *shurg*.

but if you haven’t seen this drawing, you really should coz it’s simplying amazing.

25 thoughts on “GUESS WHAT’S HERE?!

  1. actually i saw it before daynah but i saw the layout wasn’t quite done yet…hehe. i didn’t want to comment till it was done and next thing i know, i saw all these comments. hehe

    p.s..correction left menu rather

  2. The layout looks great (like always) , Dodo! I love the colors you used for it. Hehe, the shirt’s very cute! Thanks for the advice you left in my guestbook…it helped a lot πŸ™‚

  3. *confused* heh no.. this is dodo’s site. πŸ˜‰

    Hey sis… i’m using MSIE 5.0 at home.. and the left side runs into the right side… it looks fine on 6.0 tho.. just thought i’d let u know πŸ˜‰

  4. Whoa, clicked on the comments and the whole layout changed. Good work! Looks fine in IE6. You might want to download Mozilla, as it’s essentially the same thing as NS6 but much much cooler.

  5. Woa, I can’t believe that in the three days I haven’t been here the layout has changed! I need to visit more often it looks like! Good job Dodo-love the green.

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