i looked at my layout in netscape 6, it looks perfect. it’s still a little bit weird in the IE on macs. anyone has IE 6, please tell me how it looks in that! thanks.

i got my cs assignment, i finished two of the problems. i can’t start on the third one yet since i left my book at school. we are designing circuits for computers now. boring as it sounds, i actually like it. unfortunately i was bearly awake this morning to listen. i don’t know how many times i yawned in the first while i was sitting in the first row. i guess that’s not a good impression for the teacher =P i also managed to go to the shakespears class. actually it didn’t turn out to be so bad. the teacher asked couple students to act out the funniest scene. i enjoyed it.

not too many news today. andy’s using the computer for his LONG english paper so i’m stuck with the stupid labtop which i can accomplish essentinally nothing. but surfing’s good 😉 i hadn’t had time to finish my daily reads yet.

9 thoughts on “YAY

  1. It looks dreadful on my browser. the whole entire left side of the blog frame is impossible to read. *pouts* I have to use opera to enjoy your site. I didn’t have to go to school today.. too much snow. :p

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