cyn‘s such a sweetie. she gave me a CUTE CUTE easter gift. now i feel bad for not giving enough gifts for other people. i will try to get as many as possible. here‘s a gift i want to give EVERYONE who visits pure essence.

i couldn’t fall asleep last nite and i worked on the themes for this site. just to see how i can make it work. i have to use cookies to store the name of the theme and stuff but it’s not working correctly >< cookies are SOO annoying.. maybe some day i will figure them out… sigh…

btw, i’ve only done the domain section and the blog section. since it’s not completely working yet. i’m not eager to implement the other sections.

i somehow got andy agreed to blog with me LOL. i doubt he will blog often but he said he might try. so i added the “post by” thingie in case you got confused =P

10 thoughts on “THEMES

  1. wow….cool new layout. I was thinking about doing something like this…getting xml compliant. This layout is soo neat, I love it.

  2. hmm i want it to be stored in your browser, so next time you visit, it will just load the theme you chose earlier and it doesn’t want to work =P

  3. Sis, I see this on top:
    setting css to: hkgreen
    Warning: Cannot add header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/dodo/www/dodo/pure/commonhead.php:3) in /home/dodo/www/dodo/pure/commonhead.php on line 4

    Warning: Cannot add header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/dodo/www/dodo/pure/commonhead.php:3) in /home/dodo/www/dodo/pure/commonhead.php on line 5

    Are you cookies being called BEFORE anything else? i had this error before at work. It has to come before any html tags.. even the [html][head] ones.

    I’m using MSIE 6.0 at work btw.. 🙂

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